greed surplus…examining the distribution of the time, space, creatures and stuff the Earth has on offer. greed surplus was originally an art/research blog in 2009 and focussed on questioning if there really was a global food shortage. Unfortunately, the backups from that time were lost and with them an excellent series of formally written posts, links and original data organisation as social commentary. This new version will be decidedly less well-written. It is more to consider any possible alternatives to how we treat each other and our battered little sphere in the universe.

the common man series of posts exposes the gross comedy of what would happen if we avoided waste, cronyism and greed and distributed commodities globally per capita as well as comparing some interesting consumption stats. Of course some things might not prove reasonable, sustainable and equitable around the planet, but we DO very unreasonably continue to ship many things around the world for the sole motivation of greed (and profit). the last throes of global capitalism are still happy to externalise real costs onto the poor and we are happy to lap up the hyper marketed cheap crap. We do this with both a willful and orchestrated ignorance to spastic fossil fuel markets, climate change and violent conflict. However, all things being equal, it helps to highlight our obssessive desire to never meet in the middle for a sustainable planet.

What if the ‘developed world’ did not waste literally 1/2 of all food? What if we could manage to somehow get by with only 1 TV or 1 mobile device? What if we built things to last again rather than for planned obselesence and breakage? What if we stopped the viscous cycle of “developing” nations into the consumer world’s factories and toxic dumps with the enticing goal of maybe one day becoming a sick wasteful abusive violent and unequal society just like us but not living long enough to ‘enjoy’ it on account of your place is ruined from having been our factory and dump? New flash skippy, it’s a small world, and our evil practices, complicity, and general piles/clouds of shit will eventually catch up no matter where you think you can hide.

Prevalence of undernourishment (%) – 3 years average source: UN FAO

While the general number of undernourished is falling globally, all colories are certainly not healthy, and this same stat is frighteningly rising in the developed world which amazingly the same UN dataset does not index? This is no model to follow. Let’s not meet in the middle for overall undernourishment while still operating in a haze of consumption and vapid aspiration to “get ahead” or “profit”, rather let us meet in the middle on an understanding of interconnectedness, empathy and cooperation where raging consumption is not celebrated. The politically untouchable vertically integrated global corporate players who own your genetics, your media, your seed, your food, water, your medicine and your debt care for you only enough for you to service them. We all deserve better and we need a unified world voice shouting a hearty fuck you to every banker and politican who profits from war, authoritarian capitalism, famine and poverty. There is in fact plenty to go around but that ruins the aspirational narrative of the failed western empires. And while we are at it, let’s remove the enterprise from this white guilt fetish called social entrepenuerism. Call it self-determined community development if that is what you are actually facilitating, but the next uni kid who says lets make an app to help x brown person in y country so they can barely subsist can eat my foot.

The thinking here is philosophically academic. The tone however is unapologetically straight from the deck of a ship. This is a document that I can go to for some quality links and grounding when some corporate apologist spouts some bullshit. You may enjoy it as well. Life is short, quit making it shorter for others. asshole.

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